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Our most recent review comes to us from the folks over at The Voice-Tribune and was first published on July 27th, 2016:

Yang Kee Noodle, a beloved Louisville Asian stir-fry eatery, first opened in 2003 with its first location at Oxmoor Center. “At the time, the best real estate available was at the mall. Everyone went there, so we got exposure to the whole market,” relates Dan Huckestein, operating partner at Yang Kee Noodle. Having traveled to more cosmopolitan areas like Chicago and cities in New York and California, Huckestein had the benefit of experiencing what some of the best noodle shops in the country were doing: “These noodle houses were based on what you see throughout Asia, and I thought that we don’t have anything like this in Louisville. When we opened at Oxmoor, we were probably a little ahead of the curve, but I just said, ‘Let’s make our own concept and combine the best ideas from all these different cities.’”

With an incipient idea firmly in place, Huckestein traveled to Asia – to places like Thailand and Vietnam – in order to get a feel for the authentic cuisine he wanted to bring to Louisville. When he returned, he knew there was only one person who could capture that taste. “I got Chef Castro from Sullivan. He’s a professor there; he’s been a professor for about 25 years. He is, of course, Filipino by descent, but he also spent a lot of time in Asia, specifically in Taipei, and traveled a lot throughout China.”

“It was nearly overwhelming to taste so many exotic dishes at once, but it was impossible to dismiss the quality.” The Voice-Tribune
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